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Fredericksburg, Virginia recent comments:

  • El Paso's Mexican Restraunt, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    Years ago, this was Mr. Gatty's pizza
  • Valero, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    Many years ago, there was a Hot Shoppes here
  • Virginia Barbeque, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    Years ago, there was a Safeway grocery store here
  • Burlington Coat Factory, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    Many years ago, there was a Woolworth here
  • KFC, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    There used to be a Bojangles restaurant here
  • Popeye's, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    Many years ago, there used to be a Jack in the Box here
  • Starbucks, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    There used to be a Long John Silver's here
  • Staples, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    This used to be a Safeway grocery store
  • Big Lots, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    This used to be an A&P grocery store
  • Gold's Gym, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    This used to be a Hechinger's
  • Central Park, (guest) wrote 13 years ago:
    Ufortunately Fredericksburg is lacking a little on the nightlife aspect. It could use a good club of sorts, though this would certainly have and create its own issues. Good news in the way of development, however, is that in the next few years there will be an allegedly monstrous new hotel of sorts, with indoor waterparks, new restaurants, and nightclubs. I have overheard that this new complex will be within a few minutes' drive from the very center of Central Park. Let us wait with crossed fingers and see.
  • Central Park, Keith (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    Firstly let me concur that from a purely commercial standpoint, Central Park is quite outstanding. You really can do nearly all of your shopping, dining, and entertaining there. Secondly let me concur that the traffic situation is nearly intractable. I reside in the Village of Idlewild just across the Route 3 bridge over I-95, and crossing to the west side of the bridge during the afternoon and early evening is quite treacherous. I believe that failing to carry out the new bridge project across the Rappahannock to connect the Del Webb Celebrate Virginia community on Route 17 to Central Park is a major failing for the Silver Companies. I realize the environmental concerns have been vociferous, but even AS an environmentally conscious individual, there are green ways to get that bridge built and alleviate the traffic that sits there uselessly churning out carbon emissions. It's environmentally irresponsible NOT to build the bridge. While I appreciate concerns about Fredericksburg become Fred Vegas, as we locals sometimes jibe, I think that having the "Carl D. Silver-ized" western portion and a historically-maintained eastern portion of the city is the best of both worlds. I adore Central Park, and utilize its goods and services regularly. So long as it doesn't come at the expense of historic downtown, I say build on.
  • Central Park, MIGUELITO (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
  • Central Park, Mellophonius (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    Doesn't this place have a fancy-looking Wal-Mart Supercenter?
  • Central Park, Nicki (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    It is not easy access. Going south on Rt.95 and exiting at Central Park is very dangerous. It merges with the high traffic of Rt.3. If you're on Rt.3 going east and wanting to turn right into the first entrance to Central Park, it's almost impossible at certain times of the day and very dangerous. The second entrance would be better, that is if you can get into the right lane.
  • Downtown Fredericksburg, David (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    Downtown Fredericksburg has the slogan "Americas most historic city", and it's not far from the truth. I may be a little biased, because I live here, but if you're a fan of American History, you will find a plethora of things to see and do here. The house I live in was built in 1796, and it's right on Caroline street, which is the main street of Fredericksburg. There are many antique shops, fabulous restaurants, bars, boutiques, so there is always something to do here. If you would like to visit on a Friday night, or Saturday; be sure to come early to find a parking spot. It is a small city, but has a lot to offer, so parking is at a premium. I highly recommend Bistro Bethem, on William St. it is the finest restaurant in Fredericksburg, and they have fantastic prices for the quality they offer. Also, be sure to check out the wonderful old cigar shop, right on Caroline St. and tell Deeter (the owner) I sent you.
  • Central Park, David (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    Central Park is the premier shopping and eating district in Fredericksburg, Va. Easy access to I-95, Rt. 1, and Rt. 3 make it extremely busy all day, every day. Whatever type you're craving can also be found there; Indian, Chinese, American, Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, European, and more. To sum it up: If you can't find EXACTLY what you're looking for in Central Park, you'll be able to find something VERY close!