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Fredericksburg, Virginia recent comments:

  • Claiborne's restaurant (closed), Fburg (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    Closed in summer of 2009
  • Central Rappahannock Regional Library, Fredericksburg Branch, Fburg (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    Former Fredericksburg High School
  • Dorothy Hart Community Center, Fburg (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    Former U.S.O. building in the 1940's
  • Dinty Moore's Restaurant, Fburg (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    Appears to be closed - 2009
  • 7-Eleven, Fburg (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    Best place to watch a hand-to-hand transaction in the City.
  • Irish Brigade Tavern, newhavenfl9 (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    This was formerly the train station for the narrow gauge Potomac, Fredericksburg & Piedmont Railroad, later renamed the Virginia Central Railroad. The railroad operated 38 miles of 3-foot gauge railroad between Fredericksburg (with a connection to the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad) and Orange (with a connection to the Orange & Alexandria railroad). It operated as narrow gauge until after World War I. In 1926, the line was standard gauged and the name changed to the Virginia Central Railway. In 1938, the entire line was abandoned except for a one mile segment in Fredericksburg which lasted until 1983.
  • Fredericksburg Ice Park, lennie (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    just announced they're turning this place into a go-kart track
  • Village of Idlewild, funkyfreshfx wrote 12 years ago:
    this community is sadly very superficial and lacks the authentic charms found in a real historic colonial village
  • Red Hot & Blue (former), lennie (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    i think this place is closed now too.
  • McDonald's, lennie (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    a neat looking retro-style mcd's with a double drive-thru. come by and get your mccafe drink, i'll be there!
  • Central Park, crzygirl (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    The suburban shopping paradise from hell that every soccer mom dreams of.
  • Bushnell Hall, Jim (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    I lived here from late 1981 to early 1985. Good times... what little I can remember.
  • Bottom Dollar grocery store, ebanesha (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    how con i get a job here, i can't figure out how to fill out the application on the internet. Can you help me please.
  • Twi-Lite Motel, millionsteve wrote 12 years ago:
    Purchased by UMW to be a part of the new Eagle Village.
  • Tweeter (former), lennie (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    closed..out of business
  • Former site Mary Washington Hospital, Indeed (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    this is actually the old jayem next to the new one..the hospital is across the street
  • College Heights Pool, Indeed (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    This swim team was DOMINANT in 1970s and 1980s..They only lost like 2-3 duel meets
  • Texas Steakhouse, lennie (guest) wrote 12 years ago:
    unfortunately, this restaurant has closed
  • Fredericksburg Hospitality House Hotel & Conference Centre, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    In the 1980's this was a Sheraton, and Central Park was a 18 hole golf course.
  • Pancho Villa, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    This used to be a Tia's