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Fredericksburg, Virginia recent comments:

  • Village of Idlewild, Technofreak90 (guest) wrote 13 years ago:
    Ugly neo-traditional community
  • Fredericksburg Courthouse, JSean (guest) wrote 13 years ago:
    Circuit Court for the City of Fredericksburg. By 2010 the City is planning to no longer use this building when the court moves into a new structure that will be built on the current postal office site on Princess Anne Street. This will possibly become a museum.
  • Eagle Village, millionsteve wrote 13 years ago:
    This shopping center was purchased by the University of Mary Washington to be converted into the Eagle Center (or Eagle Village), a village style center for student apartments, parking, retail and office space.
  • Fredericksburg church of Christ, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    The building celebrates its 50th year in March, 2009
  • Hardee's, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    This site was home to the Princess Anne Cafe in the 1920s. Chicken dinners were 75 cents. In the 1930s, owner Karl Herr's renovated and enlarged building became the Mary Washington Hotel with 50 rooms (and 20 garages), each with running water. Hardee's fast-food restaurant now stands on the sire of the Mary Washington Hotel, which burned in 1975.
  • Ristorante Renato's, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    Willis & Crismond Fertilizer occupied this building in 1927. Two large chimneys flanked the side of the building towards Prince Edward St. Before Fredericksburg downtown went through a revitalization in the early 1980's, this building was empty.
  • Marshall Hall, bentleymrk wrote 13 years ago:
    First co-ed dorm at MWC (1983)
  • Fairfax House, bentleymrk wrote 13 years ago:
    Was "The Spanish House" in the 1980's -- all residents were supposed to speak Spanish at all times (but rarely did).
  • Veterans Memorial, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    Six heavy granite columns (6-ton rectangles) inscribed with names and topped with massive capstones, are securely in place on a concrete pad near the corner of Barton and George streets. The stones, mined at a quarry in Georgia, should last for a millennium; as should the memory of the sacrifices of hundreds of area soldiers who died in service to their country since World War I. There are 400 names in block letters about an inch high. The design allows loved ones to "scratch" paper copies of names as is the custom for visitors at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. One blank panel is reserved for those who may die in future wars. The memorial is for troops who lived in Caroline, King George, Orange, Spotsylvania and Stafford, and Fredericksburg. Other soldiers not eligible for the memorial are remembered on paving stones, which donors bought, installed on a "Walk of Honor" at the site. Landscaping and two Spanish-American War-vintage Naval guns flank the monument.
  • Frackelton Cinder Block, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    Robert Leigh Frackelton started his Mayfield-area concrete-block business from scratch in 1946, just in time for the postwar building boom. Twenty-one years later, Frackelton reported in a Free Lance-Star business story, the company was making 15,000 blocks a day and had produced a total of about 30 million since its founding. The vast majority of the blocks were being used for commercial construction. Frackelton died in 1989. His wife, Decca, who had shared management of the company, then took charge but divided her time with her horticultural pursuits. She passed away in 2004. The company remains in business today, with daughter Mary Carter Frackelton at the helm.
  • Mercedes Benz of Fredericksburg, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    On 12/13/2007, Central Virginia Eurocars LLC completed its purchase of the former Noble Volvo and Noble Mercedes-Benz on Fall Hill Avenue, and has sold the previous Falmouth site to TJ Holdings, an unrelated company.
  • Sunshine Ballpark, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    Local philanthropist Doris Buffett, sister of investor Warren Buffett, announced in the fall of 2007 that she would give the effort $1 million if it could raise $1 million on its own. She applauded the decision to locate the fields in Fredericksburg.
  • Pump house, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    This house was featured on HGTV "Building character" episode BDC-208
  • Contemporary home in historic district, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    This home was on the Candlelight Tour in 2006; promoted by the Historic Fredericksburg Foundation (HFFI)
  • Historic home - Theodore Catlett, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    This home was on the annual Candlelight Tour on December 14-15, 2002 promoted by the Historic Fredericksburg Foundation.
  • Executive Plaza, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    This 7 story structure is known by most local Fredericksburg residents as "The Big Ugly" since it is out of place for the mostly period and historic homes that surround it. It is the tallest structure in downtown Fredericksburg: Fredericksburg's own "skyscraper". The city recently sought a firm to renovate the Executive Plaza, and found itself with two proposals that included the option of demolishing the Caroline Street structure and replacing it with something about half as tall. The city got three answers to a request for proposals it put out for a firm to renovate the seven-story office building. The city wants to bring the building's interior up to modern office standards, and upgrade its facade to make it fit in better with the Historic District.
  • Central Park, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    Formerly, before May 1993, this area was an 18 hole golf course
  • Chevron, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
    Years ago, this was Crown gas
  • Village of Idlewild, armentim wrote 13 years ago:
  • Carl's Ice Cream, armentim wrote 13 years ago:'s_Ice_Cream